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This mailbox can be accessed 24 hours a day in Santa Monica.
(Mail from this mailbox may be sent on request to other locations.)

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Step 2 - Bring Your Documents to Our Store


Each individual or business owner (up to 4 total names per box*) receiving mail addressed to them will need to come to our store with:

1. A photo ID
2. A bill with current residential address**

If opening a mailbox for a business you do not own, please contact us.***

Free Services:

  • Get up to 4 names for a small mail box rental
  • 24-hour Mail Accessibility
  • 24-hour Package Locker
  • Call-in Mail Check
  • Text and Email Notification

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Additional Services

Photos of Mail by Email: This amazing service keeps you always aware of what is in your mailbox. We email you the images of the outside of your 1st class mail and packages. Cost: Free for large box holders, 3 month free trial for small & medium box holders, $5/mo afterwards.

Dedicated Fax Service: No need to pay $30 a month to have your own fax line. Save big by putting our fax number on your business cards and website. Cost: $5 a month for up to 20 incoming and 10 outgoing fax pages a month. $1 per page afterwards.

Mail & Package Forwarding: We can send you your mail and packages once a week, twice a month, once a month or on your request via USPS. Cost: Postage plus $3  or $6, whichever is greater. Please call or email to ask about package forwarding costs or to set up FedEx shipping.

*Cost for receiving mail for more than 4 names, either business or individual, is $3 a month per extra name. Please email or call with any questions.

** Car registration or lease agreements with individuals names and addresses may also be used as 2nd form of Identification.

*** Business owners will need to come to the store with Identification mentioned above or show the same Identification to a notary public and have them sign the USPS 1583 form. This form and copies of the Identification will need to be mailed to us.