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Access to your mail and packages – any time!

All services are focused on the needs of the Private Mailbox Renter.

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Photos of Mail by Email This amazing service keeps you always aware of what is in your mailbox. We email you the images of the outside of your 1st class mail and packages.Free for large box holders, 3 month free trial for small & medium box holders, $5/mo afterwards.
Scanned Mail Content by EmailNeed to see the interior contents of your mail now? Here you can request to have specific items opened and scanned and emailed to you.$1 per page scanned
Dedicated Fax ServiceNo need to pay $30 a month to have your own fax line. Save big by putting our fax number on your business cards and website. $5 a month for up to 20 incoming and 10 outgoing fax pages a month. $1 per page afterwards.
Mail & Package ForwardingWe can send you your mail and packages once a week, twice a month, once a month or on your request via USPS or FedEX.Postage plus $3 or $6 whichever is greater. Please ask about package forwarding costs or to set up FedEx shipping.
24 Hour Mail AccessMailbox renters receive a key allowing 24 hour access to our secure monitored lobby.Free
24 Hour Package LockerGive us a call or send us an email and we will put your package in our unique 24 hour package locker. We will put a key to the locker into your mailbox so you can get your package in the middle of the night if needed.Free
Call in Mail checkGive us a call during office hours and we will let you know what you have in your mailbox.Free
Text and Email written noticesWe can send you a text or email message to let you know when you receive a package at your mailbox or when mail first arrives for you. Free


Size3 months6 months
(5% discount)
1 year
(33% discount)
2 Years
(15% discount)
Small Box & Forwarding Mailbox (Rent a small box for your business and get up to 4 names at no additional charge)$79$150$285$537
Medium Box$100$190$360$680
Large Box$126$240$454$857

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